The spirit of Shadow


This dog along with another was apparently dumped near our daughter’s house.

Our daughter put their pictures on next door a neighborhood site but no one came forward. The male was a mixed breed and the female was a lab.

She loves to swim and our daughter has a pond. This dog swims underwater and is under for like 15 seconds and you can not see her at all and then she pops back up again and starts dog paddling.

After a couple of days, she was able to catch the female and bring her to our house since we have a fenced-in back yard.

I thought that Andrew named her Shadow but out daughter said no that was his chicken. I guess I called her Shadow lol.

Daisy was so excited to have a friend to play fetch with now she is quite sad because Shadow left last night.

We figure this lab is about 1 – 1 1/2 years old and she appears to be in good health. She has been trained she does not bark but most hunting dogs do not bark, she sits, stays, lays down and plays fetch bringing a ball, stick, or even a log she drops them at your feet.

Daisy had an old collar that fit her perfectly.

I can not stress enough to everyone with pets to get them a tag with their name and your phone number on it that attaches to their collars. That way if your pet is lost you can be reunited.

As far as people dumping animals it makes me sick because animals depend on us for food, water, and shelter. When you dump them they have to survive on their own or by the kindness of strangers.

This dog stole our daughter’s heart and then she stole mine. We both wanted to keep her. The only thing stopping me from keeping her was she would not stay out of the koi pond.

Our oldest daughter was coming into town and had actually found her a home. She was going to be taking her back to Dallas. That was until she met her and fell in love with her just like we did so now Shadow will be living with her.

Of course, I had to do a photo session.

One look in a dog’s eyes and you can see through to its soul and connect with it.

Shadow’s spirit and personality are great and when everyone is falling in love with the same dog you know that dog has something special to offer.




12 thoughts on “The spirit of Shadow

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    1. She really is a beautiful dog. Daisy loved having a dog friend to run and play fetch with. This morning Daisy went out looking for her I felt so bad. I wish I could have kept her.

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    1. She has been trying to catch him but he was already skittish. She will keep trying. It upset me they had to get separated but they would have been separated at any rescue any way. I hope he can find a good home.

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      1. Trent it makes me so mad. In our county there are no more no kill shelter most dogs get so many days to get adopted. The rescues will save some from the kill list but they can’t save them all. I wish I could open a no kill shelter not so sure my husband would agree lol.

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      2. Yeah, I get it. We are slightly better up here and most of the rescue dogs here come from the South (mostly Georgia), like our “little” Idina. And then there are the stupid puppy mills – if more people took rescues, perhaps we could put puppy mills out of business….

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  1. Awww…someone dumped two adult cats in my yard several years ago. I figured they were just neighborhood cats, but each time I went outside they’d come running up to me to get petted. And, I suppose, for food. I went to the grocery store, figuring they’d be gone when I got home but they were sitting on my front porch when I pulled in. Sigh. I went and got cat food, and set up a big crate in the garage and they slept there that night and I tried to find their owners. Eventually I found homes for them. They were good cats, but we didn’t really want cats again. My dog at the time never knew two cats were living in the garage!

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    1. I have no idea why people dump animals it makes me so mad. Find them a home if you no longer wont them that is the responsible thing to do.


    1. I know me 2 at least we can see occasional pics of her. She is a really good dog that is very smart and well trained. I have no idea what she told the people who were going to get her lol.

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