Snake update

After finding the water snakes in the pond eating the fish I had purchased for the pond I knew we had to do something.

We cut down some bushes ( purple showers) that were near the pond all the way to the ground.

I read to plant the different mints in the area because snakes do not like it so that is what will be planted there from now on.

We closed in underneath the back porch to keep anything from getting underneath it.

We put lime all around the pond and when it rains we reapply it.

I had used the melafix fish medication in the pond when I saw them in there because it had tea tree oil in it and they hate it. It worked because both times they tried to get out as fast as they could.

I have since bought some “Tea Tree Oil Extract” which is much cheaper than the fish medication and mixed it up in a spray bottle with water. I spray around the pond, deck and back porch with this mixture and even though it smells strong it’s really not a bad smell.

The fish seem so happy they are no longer being stalked and I happy my pet fish are not on the buffet for the snakes.

The one snake I did see showed up after I was watering a large fern in a pot I think it was in the fern and when I started watering it ran out. I have no idea what kind it was.

I had read in several places that the tea tree oil was a snake deterrent after my recent run-ins with snakes I can say it is working. I highly recommend it to anyone having snake issues.

There are many uses for the tea tree oil extract. It is used as an antibacterial, antifungal, and for stinky shoes. The uses for it go on and on.


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  1. Glad you solved the problem and that you were able to do it without harming any snakes. For the most part they are good, getting rid of pests and all, you just don’t need them eating your pet fish!

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    1. I can handle most any critters as long as they do not mess with my pets. When they do its time for me to get down to some business. Three years ago a great blue heron feasted on our large koi that were worth about 500.00 each he killed 4 of them. We had to net the pond after that and buy a fake heron to keep him away. Last year I lost all our fish large koi x 3 again worth about $500.00 each and the gold fish all but 1 we call Survivor to a bacterial infection. This year its the snakes. It is very frustrating. We have outside cats but I guess they do not care for snakes who knows lol.

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