Stained glass

Has anyone tried doing the stained glass art projects?

I bought all the stuff and I am having a terrible time trying to cut the glass.  The glass cutter worked for the first few pieces now it is no longer cutting through the glass

This is another DIY I found on Pinterest. I just so happen to find the stained glass on clearance at Hobby Lobby so it was a win-win situation.

I already had an old bike that we took apart for this project. I love this idea but would really like to finish it lol.

Bike Wheel

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  1. I do stained glass. There are a couple tools you need besides the glass cutter. A set of grozing pliers is essential for inside cuts and running pliers for longer straight cuts. The glass cutter only scores your line, the running pliers will make the glass break cleanly along the scored line. And make sure your cutter has oil in it. 3-in-1 oil works fine.


    1. Ok I have the plastic pliers that I think are for the longer cuts. I will look for the other ones. You do not think my tip could be dull after just a few cuts? Can you show me which cutter you use? I am new to this stuff lol.

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      1. As far as the cutter itself, I prefer a pistol grip one vs. a pencil shaped one. The blade shouldn’t be dull, I have used the same one for nearly 20 years now and it still scores fine. The oil is vital though. If you have the long-run pliers, just a consistent score with moderate pressure through your cutter should do the trick. Some of the cuts still won’t be exact, but that’s when you use the grinder. Smooths edges for copper foiling or more secure fit if using lead caning.


      2. Mine the oil goes in it and it is pistol grip one. I have the glass cutting oil. I also have the copper foil and the flux, solder iron, and solder wire. I am sure I am not doing something right and just lucked out the first few cuts. lol.

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  2. Since I did not have any of the stuff I spent around $100.00 on the project but that included plenty of supplies for other projects, the soldering iron I will reuse etc and there was more than enough glass it was like 2.00 a sheet and it was like a 12 x 12 squares. I bought about 24 pieces of it on sale for future projects. Once I figure it all out I will be okay but I was so mad at myself at first for spending the money and not be able to complete the project lol.Hobby Lobby runs good sales and also has the 40% off coupon you can always get someone to go with you like I did which was my husband so I got to use 2 coupons during 2 checkouts.


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