My first Dahlia

I planted Dahlia bulbs for the first time there were 20 bulbs but only 12 of them came up. I think one package must have been bad.

This was my very first bloom and I love the colors of this flower. I waited a few days to take the picture and I almost waited too long.

I am looking forward to the future blooms to see what colors they are. These flowers are gorgeous and my macro lens allowed me to really show off this flowers details.



6 thoughts on “My first Dahlia

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  1. I plant these almost every year. They are structurally beautiful and take great photos! Wow, you have blossoms already. I just planted mine yesterday!!! We won’t have blossoms for at least a couple months!

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    1. It seemed like it took them forever to come up then forever to start blooming. Our temperatures are mostly warm 95% of the year. Remember we only had one freeze this year. Do yours come back each year Dawn?


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