Goat sitting

Well, its official I am a goat sitter.

Jeanelle and David were supposed to sign the papers last Friday on the house and the seller held it up for two more weeks so it looks like it will be next Friday instead.

In the meantime, there were already 3 goats ready for pick up these things can not be canceled because you already paid a big deposit.

These little goats are in high demand and the registered ones are even harder to find. Jeanelle only wants registered goats because of shows and breeding. Our grandkids will get into shows as they get older. I think right now you have to be eight years old. They ought to be quite used to goat handling by then.

Needless to say, Clover sleeps at night in the small kennel on the back porch since she is all alone I do not want her to be scared of anything weird like Coyote noises and I am terrified of them getting to her. I have seen and heard them often around here when the baby sheep are being born in the springtime.

At daylight, I take her out and put her into the large cyclone kennel and feed and water her. That is where she stays until it is almost dark. She has a climbing thing in there and she stands, sits and climbs on it all day long. They are like little kids and love to play all day long.

She should have some friends here on Saturday the other two will be picked up the other side of Fort Worth.

I am not quite sure how easy it will be juggling three of them in and out of kennels but I love helping them out even if it is temporary. I might have to get my own goat to keep at their house just so I have one lol.



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    1. I agree our daughter said they are just like a dog they follow you everywhere. The kids are trying to leash train her sometimes shes okay other times she takes off like a rocket lol.

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      1. I had intended on closing the other one but decided to keep it. I started my first blog many years ago. I have deleted a bunch of pictures that were on the old blog but there are still a lot on there.
        Last night I went out to walk the goat on a leash since the kids are trying to leash train her. She actually did great after walking around the back yard a few times I sat in the grass and here she came to sit in my lap lol.

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  1. Cutie, but then all babies are, if you ask me. ‘Goats are in high demand’ true, but only the females make milk. No one ever thinks to ask what happens to all the cute little male babies. Sex is a 50/50 game.


    1. Our children had two bottle baby sheep years apart. We bought them for them to bottle feed and used them to teach them responsibility. They went to school pet fairs and even one went at Brazoria County Fair as a pet.One was a female one was a male in tact. Neither one was ever bred and they were not here at the same time. They were NOT eaten…They both died as pets of related diseases for the breeds. There are people who want goat PETS to eat down the poision ivy, poison oak, and weeds on the fence lines on their property that so happens to be their favorite things to eat. Many others just like goats. These goats are not for meat production with a top weight of 70#s its doubtful anyone would bother. There are goats that are specifically bred for meat goats these are DAIRY goats and SHOW goats that are registered even the male babies would make expensive meat. Meat goats unregistered would be much cheaper per pound.


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