Clover the goat

Yesterday our daughter Jeanelle her 11-month-old baby Adrian and I took off on a road trip to Waco, Texas.

We were on a mission to pick up Nigerian Dairy Goat # 1 of 3 that our daughter and son in law have already bought for their little farm.

I do believe that goat #2 and #3 will be picked up later this week. That will be another road trip in a different direction.

While at the farm our daughter was able to find out a bunch of information about raising dairy goats. She had been researching this for a good while but someone in the business can give you information and advice you may not find elsewhere.

She even got to taste goat milk and goat milk ice cream. She said they both were very good. She said the milk is a little bit thicker than whole milk but had no after taste. We learned that what you feed them is what determines the taste.

I was busy occupying Adrian which can be somewhat of a challenge sometimes he was trying to get down and crawl around and I knew I had to hold him. He did very well on the 3-hour trip there and 3-hour trip back and even managed to take 3 naps because he was bored.

The baby goats name is  Clover she is 8 weeks old and she is a triplet and was the smallest one. All they goats they are getting will be registered.

Andrew named her when he saw her. The girls will name the other two goats and no telling what they will come up with.

She cried in the back of the suburban for 30 minutes straight because she missed her family, home, and security. After that, she settled down and would make a few peeps but she was not bad at all. She sure was glad to get out of the dog kennel when we got back. She is very sweet and did eat out of all the kid’s hands which they all loved.

Here are a few pictures I was able to get but I hope I can get some better ones as she settles down a little bit this was right after she got out of the kennel.

Here at home, my husband had Andrew, Karina, and Sophia for the day. They made chocolate chip cookies, played fetch with Daisy, played outside, colored pictures of farm animals and watched some tv. This gave them some special Pappy time.


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    1. Thank you. I think these 3 will all be different looking one is white and one is brown I believe..These little boogers only get to be about 70#s and 19 – 21 inches tall so they are smaller than I thought they were.

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      1. This little ones lonely if she can not see you outside. Daisy is a bit hyper around her so I am trying to wean Daisy to her on a leash lol. Daisy would never hurt her she just wants to play..

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  1. Animals are so funny. One of the cats actually got about 1ft from her with me holding him but he has yet to figure out what that thing is. It’s odd there have been baby goats next door before, and there are always baby sheep so the cats never been interested in them but I guess this one is on his turf lol.

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  2. Goat kids are precious. I love how they take a while to adjust to those strong back legs and constant curiosity. I’m guessing they’re all females. So sad for the males.


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