This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is Earth.

When I think of our earth I think of all the beautiful things we get to look at.

Tiny hummingbirds hovering over the flowers for nectar, star jasmine and its smells that delight us all. The Louisiana iris and all the other flowers that are blooming this time of year. Then there are the new sunrises I get to see and enjoy each and every day.

Yesterday our youngest daughter and I took her 4 children to do pictures at the beach.

I can not tell you how disgusted I was with the littering people had left from the weekend before. Seriously everyone needs to pick up their own garbage. I grabbed a plastic bag and picked up all the cans and bottles it would hold in the area we were taking pictures.

If we all do part not to pollute, contaminate or destroy our earth it will be here for all the future generations to see and enjoy.


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  1. My parents used to walk down their street and back every day, one mile each way, carrying plastic garbage bags and picking up litter. Every few months they’d drive out to the ‘big road’ and clean up a mile there. Eventually the neighborhood noticed these two ‘old’ people picking up the litter and the litter began to reduce. Now that they’re both dead two sets of neighbors continue the tradition, picking up litter every few days. I have to say most of the time when I visit I don’t see a bit of anything along their road. The neighbors say they do it as a memorial to my parents. Makes me cry every time.


    1. I think its awful that people litter. I remember when we were kids the do not litter signs on the freeway. I never see those anymore. Then you would see signs like this company maintains the litter control for the next 2 miles and I never see those anymore either. That is great that your parents hard work did not go unnoticed and that it lives on through others.


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