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  1. Being negative is a conscious CHOICE. There is good and bad in everything, and when we focus on the good, we tend to make wiser — and less emotional — choices for our futures. Removing those in my circles who resort to negativity every time (and I mean EVERY time) is a boon to self-fulfillment. Negative people can be toxic and will (by their design) keep you from growing.

    Sadly, some key people have been included in negativity culling. Though we harbor no bad feelings toward them as individuals, the absence of them in our lives has been a remarkable improvement in day-to-day living. We wish them well, but we’re equally glad they’re on the outside. 😀


    1. I totally agree Shannon. I think the more positive people we surround ourselves we all benefit from it. I try to stay optimistic and excited about everything I can. I find if I put a little distance between myself and the negative people I am much happier.

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