This week’s Daily Post Photo challenge is the word Surprise.

When I saw this hawk in the tree I tried to get as close as I could to get a good picture. He was in a tala tree on the fence line in the backyard.

It was not until I looked at the pictures that I noticed he was staring down at my bird feeders in the backyard stalking the birds I had just fed.

It is time to change up my routine again so he is not watching me and the birds.



11 thoughts on “Surprise

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    1. I love feeding the birds but I hate this part of it. I quit feeding the birds on the side feeders because I caught him taking down the doves. It took awhile but now he found my new location. Maybe I will alternate locations to really confuse him. There has to be a way to outsmart these hawks.


      1. For the doves, we’ll throw out some seed on the sanctuary of the back porch. If a hawk does swoop in — and they DO — the doves usually escape unscathed.

        NEVER do we seed near the windows. Hawks know how to drive them into strikes which makes it easier for them. So smart.

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      2. One bird blogger (can’t remember who) ticked off a Swainson’s Warbler for her life list, then later that day watched as it was devoured by a Loggerhead shrike. Chuck-will’s Widows are known to swallow warblers WHOLE. I wasn’t kidding.

        Cannibalism is perfectly acceptable everywhere in the world except among ‘civilized’ Homo sapiens, where we will eat select species only while being disgusted by all the others — and buying the corpses of the same exploited species for our beloved pets. I’m not certain it’s birds that are the gross ones.


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