This week’s Daily Post Photo challenge is the word Surprise.

When I saw this hawk in the tree I tried to get as close as I could to get a good picture. He was in a tala tree on the fence line in the backyard.

It was not until I looked at the pictures that I noticed he was staring down at my bird feeders in the backyard stalking the birds I had just fed.

It is time to change up my routine again so he is not watching me and the birds.



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    1. I love feeding the birds but I hate this part of it. I quit feeding the birds on the side feeders because I caught him taking down the doves. It took awhile but now he found my new location. Maybe I will alternate locations to really confuse him. There has to be a way to outsmart these hawks.


      1. For the doves, we’ll throw out some seed on the sanctuary of the back porch. If a hawk does swoop in — and they DO — the doves usually escape unscathed.

        NEVER do we seed near the windows. Hawks know how to drive them into strikes which makes it easier for them. So smart.

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      2. My feeders are away from the house and windows. One set is in the open where as the second set is under the trees in the shaded area of the backyard.


      3. One bird blogger (can’t remember who) ticked off a Swainson’s Warbler for her life list, then later that day watched as it was devoured by a Loggerhead shrike. Chuck-will’s Widows are known to swallow warblers WHOLE. I wasn’t kidding.

        Cannibalism is perfectly acceptable everywhere in the world except among ‘civilized’ Homo sapiens, where we will eat select species only while being disgusted by all the others — and buying the corpses of the same exploited species for our beloved pets. I’m not certain it’s birds that are the gross ones.


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