Mulberry thieves

The cedar waxwings are back and they are stealing our mulberries right off the trees.

They have a mask on like a bandit in disguise they are thieves I tell you.

Their diet is 70% fruit so this is why they are happy to see our mulberry trees.

This is the second year in a row that they have come in large groups and eat all day long for a few weeks until they strip the mulberry trees dry of all the fruit. We do not mind sharing the mulberries with the birds we just wish they would not eat them all.

We do not mind sharing the mulberries with the birds we just wish they would not eat them all.

Daisy is mad because she likes to eat the ones off the ground and as you can see they are eating those too.

They are some sleek looking birds that is for sure.



9 thoughts on “Mulberry thieves

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  1. Pretty little bandits… We have blueberry bushes behind out house. I’ve never had a blueberry from them because the birds eat them the second they are ripe 😉 When Fiyero discovered what blackberries are, he started to eat them straight from the plant! He even knows to only eat the ripe ones. You know blackberries have thorns… it is so funny watching him nimbly eating blackberries….

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    1. Daisy likes the blackberries and picks them and loves when we give her strawberries. We had a dog one time Krissy Dog that went blackberry picking with us but she went to pick her own lol.

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  2. My favorite little rascal birds! We only see them for one day in the spring and another in the fall…if we are lucky enough to see them at all. I guess we see them migrating to and from your house!

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