Silvery wandering jew

Silvery wandering jew is by far one of my favorite plants.

You can have it in a hanging basket or a container and let it cascade over the side and crawl to the ground. It can be planted directly in the ground and it spreads really fast.

The leaves shimmer in a silvery purple stripe on the front and solid purple on the back and many times there will be leaves turned both directions which only adds to the beauty of this plant.

I planted some in the ground last year in a few different spots in the backyard and we had one freeze so it froze but I noticed it is already coming back.

To make a new plant you can pinch off a piece and stick it in a pot or the ground and it takes off no roots are needed. I really love that. I find it prefers morning sun, evening sun or partial shade rather than full sun.

I went to the local nursery and bought two hanging baskets of it this past week for $9.00 each. This plant is a big bang for your buck.

It actually looks quite beautiful mixed in a container with something taller and some flowers.

Towards the end of March, I decided to fix a tall container of begonias and silvery wandering jew for the front and it turned out quite well.


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  1. When I was in college (many years ago) this plant was popular among college dorm rooms. I tried several times, all unsuccessful, to grow it myself. I either over watered or under watered and it always dropped all it’s leaves and died. I wonder if I should try again? I really like it in the container with the begonias.

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  2. The Tradescantia plants are prolific growers. In our South African garden it loves the shade and grows so quickly that we pull it up by the armful when it threatens to cover other plants that happen to be in its way. It is interesting to know that in other parts of the world you actually purchase these plants from a nursery.

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