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My husband and I cut the cord about 4 or 5 years ago and we bought the amazon fire TV stick. We have been streaming TV ever since and we have learned quite a bit along the way.

A few years later we bought the Amazon Fire Gaming TV for the grandchildren to have when they are here now we have both we just use them on different TVs.

We pay $11.00 a month for Netflix on multiple TV’s and devices and on there we have become quite addicted to a few shows. I wanted to review one of the shows we really enjoy.

Our favorite show is “Heartland” it is such a good clean family TV show and it is set in Alberta Canada. Which by the way is such a beautiful place!

The family has a 600-acre horse ranch and rescue horses that have been abused and then they re-home them.

Amy is sort of horse whisperer/miracle worker who works with the rescue horses as well as people’s horses who may be having issues. She has such a beautiful relationship with horses it truly is heartwarming. She also teaches workshops.

Her sister Lue opened some cottages as a bed and breakfast type thing that offers trail rides to its customers as a special treat.

I highly recommend this show for people of all ages there is something for everyone.

There are about 18 episodes in each season and currently 7 seasons on Netflix BUT I just realized that with my amazon prime account I could get “Up Faith and Family” and get the next two seasons for $5.00 a month. It is also available on a few other providers just check the Up Faith and Family website at the link below.

As of right now, there are currently 10 seasons available if you happen to get Canada TV.

If you have not watched this show watch 3 episodes and you will be hooked just like we were.

If Canada can have a good family show that has a history as long as this one why can’t we have one too?

Do we even have any shows that have 18 episodes in a season?

I challenge the United States and the filmmakers to come up with something that brings back good clean family TV back to prime time again.

Do it for our youth because they need to be exposed to this instead of some of the stuff that is on our prime time TV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Up Faith and Family





Allergy season is here

Allergy season is here it always hits right before the springtime when everything is coming back alive again.

In our part of Texas, it has been the oak, ash, mulberry and elm trees producing the most tree pollen.

I found a great site: you can put in your zip code and get the current levels of your area and see what is projected for the next few days. You can sign up for pollen alerts from this site. They seem to have a lot of good information on there.

I went years I did not have any allergies anymore and honestly, I thought I outgrew them.

I saw an allergist earlier this year who informed me by the age of 40 we no longer have allergies we are too old for them.

For the last 1- 1/2 weeks my eyes have been on fire like when you walk through smoke and they hurt. I have not been around any smoke. My nose has been running and my head is stuffy. If that is not allergies I am not sure what it is. I can not seem to be outside any longer than 10 – 15 minutes at a time this week.

By looking at this map on the link above I found some information look how much red there is in Texas near the Gulf Coast that is our area. Notice on the key on the map red means high pollen counts.

Today were at a 10.2 yesterday was a 10.3 well no wonder my eyes are bothering me.

Are you and allergy suffer over the age of 40?

Have you ever been told you are too old for allergies?

What do you do during allergy season?

I have tried Allegra it works on everything but the eyes. I have tried the moisturizing eye drops and Visine both and they help for a few minutes but that is about it.

Today I bought Walgreens brand of Flonase and some allergy eye drops my cousin Suzanne recommended Naphcon A. I have used the eye drops and they really did help I have not tried the Flonase yet.



The road taken

The Road Taken is this weeks Daily Post photo challenge.

This picture which was taken in the Texas hill country. It shows the road going up into the hills as far as you can see. It curves back and forth and you have no idea what is around each corner or where the road might end up.

If we never try new things and go on new adventures we will never experience the thrill of where we might end up.


Country landscape

This was a picture I took a few years ago.

If you look closely the windmill is missing some of its blades this was probably caused by high winds at some point or it could just be from old age.

The windmill was not turning and there was no water in the trough.

The barn on the right hand side has tin falling off of it. Some of the trees have lost their leaves. The grass in the pasture is mostly dead you can tell this picture was taken in the fall in Texas.

There were no cows in this pasture and it did not look like there had been any there for a good while.

Sometimes I wonder what the story was of this old cow pasture and why was it not being used anymore.

The sky was cloudy and it was about to rain but there was just something about the scene itself that caught my attention. I had my husband pull over so I could take a few pictures.

Scenes like this remind me of good old country life when times were simpler and no one was in hurry to get somewhere.


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