Computer issues

About a month ago my computer was having problems with an update.

It crashed and I worked on it for 5 hours last Sunday and had no luck. Yesterday I took it into the shop and paid extra for them to save my pictures.. They do feel all these issues seem to be caused by WIN10.

If you remember I never authorized to have WIN10 it just installed one night. If you happen to have it be warned there is an update causing computers to shut down completely.

This time my screen went black with a blinking cursor and there was no combination of keys, holding power buttons , or even the F keys to get it out of this stage.

I should have it back by Friday so my fingers are crossed all goes well with my pictures. I am on my laptop which I do not like because I am use to using my big monitor. I will be back to posting soon.



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  1. My computer crashed a couple of months ago. I haven’t taken the hard drive anyplace to see if I can recover the pictures yet. I had most backed up, but I lost almost two years worth. I have pictures going back to 1999… I did stick the hard drive in another computer and it came back and said the file system wasn’t valid, so I think when he computer crashed it did a head crash on the hard drive and ruined it.

    Anyway, I now from recent experience what a pain it can be! I hope you get all of your pictures back!


    1. They told me even though it seems impossible most of the time they can be recovered. I just bought a new external for them to put everything on my computer on I paid extra for this but it will be worth it. I also told them I wanted back my windows 7. lol.

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