DIY yard art

Some of you may remember about 4 1/2- years ago I had found these doors at the Habitat for Humanity store in Houston.

It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to do with them then one day I decided that our side deck area was the perfect place. I had intended on painting them but the colors they were already worked quite well and I liked the faded paint look.

Everyone that saw the doors loved them and thought it was such a great idea. I used them for about 4 years just like this. The frames around the outside edges started rotting. We were going to just chunk all 3 doors.

I started thinking about the slats in the doors.The brown and blue slats were in great condition so what I needed now were square frames to insert them in.I got my husband to build them. Thank goodness my husband can see my visions lol.

Thank goodness my husband can see my visions lol.

The blue slats had tiny pegs at each end which made using them the easiest. My husband just drilled holes and inserted them and glue them into 2 x 4’s. For a change, I decided all 3 needed to be painted the same color.

Since they looked a bit to plain to me I wanted to add craft mirrors in a few shapes around the edges. Liquid nails worked out great to glue them with but do not get too much or they will slide off.

These interior doors hung in someone’s home for years, then on our side deck area as art doors for 4 years and now once again they have been repurposed into window art.

DIY is a lot of fun and considering we only paid $5.00 a door, to begin with, I really think we have gotten our money’s worth out of these old doors.

Repurposing something you already have is a good way to get creative without having to buy anything new.

Decorating outdoor areas and adding splashes of color is a good way to brighten up an area and make it feel fresh and welcoming.




8 thoughts on “DIY yard art

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  1. Great job, I love them, both before the redo and after.
    By the way. My daughters and I are having a “Heartland” watch-a-thon as I write this comment. All thanks to you for suggesting the show. 🙂

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  2. This is a great idea! I found some old windows and doors last week by a dumpster. I really want to paint them these colors!


    1. I love doing art projects for indoors or outdoors. Hobby Lobby has a good collection of the mirrors in different sizes. I actually used liquid nails to glue the mirrors on and they stuck good.

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