Color does matter

In the fall you will notice redbirds more than any other time.That is because the males are such a bright red.

Here he really stands out in this wisteria that has lost its leaves and flowers.

It will not be long because the leaves and flowers are starting to come out. The birds will once again hide and not be seen.


5 thoughts on “Color does matter

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  1. Love them cardinals too, but don’t forget about all the little yellow guys! Warblers are all around us with their flashes of yellow and blue and orange. I do love the leaves in spring, but leaves makes birding more challenging for us photo junkies. And the window is quickly closing!


      1. Ha! They do it to me all the time. Yesterday it was a flock of Sandhills being skulked by a HUGE brown eagle with what on his wings. Golden eagle?! I’ll never know; by the time I ran back out with camera and field lens, they were gone. :/


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