Upgrades and more

Today I bought my domain name and upgraded my WordPress to the personal one.

This only happened about one hour ago and I see my domain name is already working. YEA!

Then I had to figure out the domain mapping part so I asked a question last night in the forum that did not get answered. I managed to do it myself this morning. It is amazing what we can accomplish after a good nights sleep.

This will give me some extra space until I decide what I am going to do about storing the pictures on another site so I do not run out of space so quickly.

Thanks to Shannon for her suggestions because I would not have thought about storing the pictures somewhere else.

I use to host my website on my ISP so I want to check with them and see if they still offer free space if so hopefully I can figure out how to set up an album without a website. If so that could be a free storage option.

There are some blank pages up top that will hopefully have some information on them sometime soon. I might move a few photography post and some DIY post from the old blog.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Upgrades and more

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  1. You’re welcome! I also pay a WP annual charge, but mine is to keep targeted ads off. So worth the add’l cost to remove that noisy clutter; doesn’t exactly jibe with wild nature or organic gardening. 😀


  2. It’s so complicated. I pay an additional fee to WP for extra space. Think I’d like to get rid of the ads too….really really hated the political ads that appeared at the end of my blogs during the campaign. I’ll look forward to what you figure out, though I can’t say for sure that I’ll understand any of it!


    1. I do not think I will miss the ads. I will do a post on what is involved so if anyone wants to attempt it they can. At first I was thinking you had to get the premium account but that is not true.


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